Choose your ideal Worker!

Pinkcollar helps to choose your ideal Worker from our database of pre-vetted workers. We only match you to high-quality candidates who fit your exact household needs.
Whether you are dependent on Domestic Workers to provide elderly care, childcare, or to ease the household burden of your dual-income family, securing the RIGHT Domestic Worker has never been easy.

Going through the recruitment process with old-fashioned agencies, or on your own, can be unnecessarily complicated, disappointing and inconvenient. Most of the time, you are unable to assess the suitability of your prospective Worker ahead of time, leading to a poor match where your Worker may not have the right skills to match your unique household needs.
Let us help ease your burden: Pinkcollar is an equal-representation Recruitment Agency that prioritises your needs as an Employer.

As Malaysia’s first ethical Domestic Worker recruitment service, what makes us different is our credible and transparent approach to the recruitment of Domestic Workers. We strive to provide you with a seamless experience including full cost disclosure with no hidden fees -- every time!

And unlike any other agency, we provide quality aftercare services to support you in forging a successful work relationship with your Domestic Worker.

Why Us?

  • 1.

    Responsible Matching

    We will provide you with access to our Worker database, where you can select which Workers you would like to interview. We will ONLY match you with Workers whose skills match your exact household needs.

  • 2.

    Employer Support & Training

    You automatically gain access to our Orientation training and be assigned a Pinkcollar Representative who will guide you throughout your journey into becoming a Pinkcollar Employer and ethical employment ambassador.

  • 3.

    Brand Credibility

    The Pinkcollar recruitment service is compliant with the labour codes and regulations of the Malaysian and Philippine governments.

  • 4.

    Service Transparency

    As an Employer, you can expect full cost disclosure with ZERO hidden fees at the service’s outset. You will also have the opportunity to interview your candidate before confirming your hiring decision, and gain easy access to notifications and updates about your recruitment process.

  • 5.

    Pinkcollar Aftercare

    We are always ready to assist you with aftercare resources and guidance on anything recruitment related. We also check in with every Employer-Worker match regularly, to collect user feedback towards continuous service improvements and accountability.


Take your first step towards a quality recruitment experience with Pinkcollar.

Sign up as an Employer and complete your Pinkcollar profile by clearly stating your needs.


A team representative will contact you within 1-2 business days connect you to specially-sourced candidates.


Interviews will be arranged between you and suitable candidates. It usually takes about 3 interviews to find you the right Worker match.


Once you confirm your chosen Worker and she accepts your job offer, it’s over to us: we start processing your paperwork and keep you updated along the way.


After the official start of employment for your Worker, Pinkcollar continues to provide you with aftercare support and other key Employer resources.