Choose your own Employer!

Pinkcollar will find you Employers who care about your wellbeing and respect your rights as a Domestic Worker.
Working as a Domestic Worker means working in an informal space. You will require more safeguards to protect yourself from abusive working and living conditions than the average live-out Worker. This is why choosing the right Agency is the most important step towards a positive work experience abroad.
Pinkcollar is an equal-representation Recruitment Agency that prioritises your rights and needs as a Domestic Worker.

We give you access to safe jobs with employers who care about your working rights and personal well-being.
And unlike most recruitment agencies, Pinkcollar will keep supporting you, communicating with you, and continue representing you for the entirety of your time abroad.

Why Us?

  • 1.

    Responsible Matching

    We ONLY match you to employers whom we have personally met, vetted, and whose household needs match your work skills.

  • 2.

    Know Your Rights

    It is important to know your rights as a Domestic Worker in Malaysia. Pinkcollar is committed to equipping you with this knowledge through our Worker Settling-in Program, in order to ensure your safe migration.

  • 3.

    Never Stop Learning

    At Pinkcollar, your future hopes and dreams in life matter. Therefore, you will get affordable access to upskilling classes and educational resources throughout your time as a Pinkcollar Worker.

  • 4.

    Pinkcollar Community

    Every Pinkcollar Worker becomes part of a community where they belong. We are proud to offer you a place in our safe, supportive and comfortable community while you are abroad -- helping you create a home away from home!

  • 5.

    Pinkcollar Aftercare

    We understand that life abroad can be challenging, and that there will be times when you will feel homesick. For this reason, every Pinkcollar Worker will have a dedicated Pinkcollar Counsellor to advise and assist whenever a listening ear or a helping hand is required.


Become a part of the Pinkcollar Worker community.


Sign up as a Domestic Worker with Pinkcollar. Make sure you fill in your work preferences clearly! When your profile is approved, it will be published on the Pinkcollar platform for Employers to view.


Before making a match, you will have the opportunity to meet and speak to your prospective Employers via Skype interview. It will usually take 3 interviews before you find the right match.


After you accept a job offer, it is over to us. Pinkcollar will arrange for your processing and paperwork at no cost to you.


After the start of your employment, Pinkcollar will still be here for you! As a Pinkcollar Worker, you will continue enjoying the perks, opportunities and aftercare support that we have specially crafted for you.