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We find you the best fit by vetting out the bottom 30% of candidates we receive, so we only place highly-suitable and trained domestic workers who are physically, mentally and emotionally prepared to work with you.


Our service process is transparent and clear: we charge all-inclusive fees, which means no hidden agency fees. We also work with your expectations by being upfront about our costs and timelines.

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Our Story

Since November 2017, Pinkcollar has set out to do one thing: fix Malaysia’s broken domestic work sector. For as long as we can remember, recruitment agencies aren’t doing a good job at helping employers hire migrant domestic workers. They charge high fees to employers but deliver poor service, while burdening workers with salary deductions and illegal fees.

As it stands right now, domestic worker recruitment benefits the agency, but fails everyone else.

We knew we could change things for the better. So we got to work for the next two years to build Pinkcollar Employment Agency: a first-of-its-kind solution for employers looking for a better way to hire domestic workers, and for workers seeking safe and dignified jobs.

Our service promises fairness to everyone involved. Because we only work with ethical partners, employers don’t have to worry about unknowingly contributing to the trafficking of their domestic worker. And because we never charge any fees to workers, they can focus on their jobs without worrying about recruitment debt.

We are Malaysians who were raised by the very women we want to empower. They worked for our families and cared for us in place of being with their own; in their spirit, we want to ensure access to safe migration and dignified work for all current and future domestic workers.

Join us on our journey: drop us a line at pinkcollarmy@gmail.com if you have any thoughts about our work, have ideas for collaboration or if you’d simply like to connect; we always listen!





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